Belton Community Aid

This Charity was established in 1980 following the amalgamation of eight smaller Charities which had previously existed ie; Lightfoot's, Stephen Caister's, Francis Glew's

George Meggott's, Jane Beard's, Ashlin's, Bread Money and Robert Bernard for Cloth Charities.


Funds were set aside by these people through legacies or tithes of land to establish their individual Charities which provided in different ways for the poor of the Parish.

Nowadays, most land has been sold and the monies invested. The interest which continues to accumulate, is available to meet the needs which cannot be met by statutory bodies.


The Trustees are appointed by: All Saints Church, Belton Parish Council and the Trustees themselves. Currently they are:


Simon Davies (Chairman)

Kath Hanson

Gilly Greensitt

Rev Cliff Kay

Cllr John Warwick

Mel Williams (Secretary)

Dr Annie Johnson (Dr Borrill)


To comply with Charity Commission Regulations, the Trustees meet twice each year.

Requests for assistance can be made at any time to any of the Trustees.


All requests are considered, and dealt with in confidence. Some of the ways in which the Charity may be able to help include:

Education and extra curricular activities, those with mobility difficulties or disabilities, short term emergency needs, transport costs to hospitals.


If the request does not infringe the limitations set by the Charity Commission we are pleased to offer assistance.


For further information or to request assistance or to advise of someone you know who might benefit......


Please contact any of the above or


Mel Williams (Secretary)